The Power of Music

A study completed by researchers indicated those who biked while listening to music were able to exert far more energy than anyone else. The results were prominent in those who listened to “fast music”.This is just a glimpse into the power of music as researchers prefer to say.It is a subject that is studied on a regular basis and has been dissected by some of the brightest minds in the world.Let's take a look at the power of music and all that it provides to humans around the world. Enhanced Motivation The advantage of using music as a motivational tool begins with this ability to get “pumped up”. It is an adrenaline boost of sorts. It can interact with the...

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The Intricacies Of Healthy Eating

Forty percent of total calories consumed by the average person can be termed as “empty calories”. These are calories such as sugary sweets, grain desserts, sodas, and fruit drinks1.Healthy eating is often ignored because it is not as exciting as grabbing a quick snack from your local convenience store. Why eat vegetables when you can eat a bag of chips? Why drink water when you can consume a bottle of Pepsi?It happens all the time.These decisions have a profound impact on a person's life, and it can lead to consequences that are dire.Let's understand the importance of healthy eating and how to go about it according to nutritionists. What is Healthy Eating? Defining “healthy eating” is a good place to...

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Dangers of Stress

Stress, or lack of its management, is the source of many of today's diseases. Stress does not only make us feel emotionally awful, it can also aggravate any health condition you can think of.

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