The Power of Music

A study completed by researchers indicated those who biked while listening to music were able to exert far more energy than anyone else. The results were prominent in those who listened to “fast music”.

This is just a glimpse into the power of music as researchers prefer to say.

It is a subject that is studied on a regular basis and has been dissected by some of the brightest minds in the world.

Let's take a look at the power of music and all that it provides to humans around the world.

Enhanced Motivation

The advantage of using music as a motivational tool begins with this ability to get “pumped up”. It is an adrenaline boost of sorts. It can interact with the mind in a manner where the body follows suit and wills itself forward.

For example, It could be someone looking to run an extra mile even if their mind is saying “no”. In fact, it can even be someone who is cranking out a set of push-ups and wants to get a few more at the end.

It is music that will help them reach those heights they have aimed their sights at.

This is why music is one of the best motivators in the world.

Increased Energy Levels

Being able to run longer and harder is something many people want to do, but it's not easy. When you add music into the mix, it can start to have a positive impact right off the bat. The body will start to hit new peaks, and that is hard to do without music by your side.

Music is often the stimulus you require to get those energy levels as high as possible.

Those who are not tapping into the power of music will lose out repeatedly. Hitting those energy levels becomes a much harder task.

Desire To Push Limits

As a motivational tool, the goal of any stimulus (i.e. music, loud vocal support) is to help push one's limits. An excellent example is seen when home crowds urge athletes and cheer them on. Many athletes do better with this support ringing in their ears even though every other variable remains the same.

The same applies to music as a motivational tool. It can help in ways that any other stimulus would not be able to. Being able to push one's limits is critical, and something music can assist with.

This is the power of music. Many athletes are seen using this as a means to calm down and pump themselves up (depending on their choice of music). It can impact one's brainwaves. This is what a research study was able to break down and pay attention to. Those who were listening to music saw their brainwaves synchronize with the music being played (i.e. fast movement with faster music) (2). This illustrates how the mind reacts to music, and this immediately helps connect with the rest of one's body.

Listening to fast music pumps up the body and helps it kick things up a notch.

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